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Purchase your Christmas presents from us and help ensure a better future for persons with disabilities, affected by war.
Your generous donation will help enhance opportunities for people with disability in war-torn regions to lead an independent and equitable life.
Your participation in our projects will help a family or an individual with a disability become self-sufficient.


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We are seeking your support for Patchwork. The organisation aims to provide assistance for persons with disabilities, affected by war. Patchwork is a non profit organisation set up to provide emergency assistance and advocate for the rights of people with disabilities living within war inflicted areas.


Patchwork places great importance on the need to implement policies and programs that are tailored to fit individual needs. Thus ensuring persons with disabilities to have decent standards of living, adequate income, whilst maintaining active and satisfying lives.

The sad reality is that such intentions for persons with disabilities are being abused worldwide. In countries where there is armed conflict or political unrest, many innocent people are forced to undergo severe hardships in order to survive everyday life. This is made extremely difficult for those living with disability.

Many living in the North and East of Sri Lanka are finding it extremely hard to meet their daily needs. The lack of adequate assistance and support services for these people place additional hardship.

As the war in Sri Lanka came to an end in May 2009. It is estimated 35, 000 people are living with disabilities. Most of these people are still in IDP camps, struggling to provide the most basic necessities for themselves and their families. Their disability ranges from sensory, physical and mental impairments, and from infants to elderly.

Patchwork is undertaking projects within Northern and Eastern Sri Lanka, looking to provide both humanitarian aid and advocacy development. This involves working with both local and international NGOs, government agencies and individuals, to provide effective service. The organisation promotes a focus on empowerment, independence and equity for persons with disability, affected by war.

The project at hand requires time, effort and finances, all of which Patchwork is hoping to achieve through your generous support. In the development of project proposals, there are evidently large costs associated with improving the living standards of persons with disabilities. However there lies a greater need to implement projects such as:

  • Emergency relief
  • Health Care
  • Nutritional program
  • Education and Training
  • Livelyhood Programs

We hope you can join us in our campaigns and projects. This would help in raising awareness about the daily struggles endured by those living with disability. Further we wish that you will support us in our steps

to assist and rebuild the lives of these people.

You can support Patchwork in two ways:

  • Make a one off donation or monthly contribution
  • Support one of patchwork projects

All donations should be addressed to:


Postal Address:

Po Box 1078,
NSW 2114


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