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Vanni Mouse - The first International award winning Eelam Tamil Movie




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Vanni Mouse DVD Incl. Postage




All proceeds will be donated to Patchwork.





Winner of:

Best Critic Award at 8th International Tamil Film Festival, Canada, 2010;


Best Film Award in the Fiction category in the 11th International Short and Independent Film Festival (ISIFF), Bangladesh, 2010;


Award at Tamil Film Festival, 2010; Special Prize at Periyar Self Respect Media Department Short Film Festival, India, 2009.


The movie depicts the life of Tamils in an internment camp through the eyes of two mice. The Government of Sri Lanka had denied local and international media access to these camps. However, nothing can stop two mice witnessing the realities of these camps and letting us visualise through their eyes the real plight of the people. Acclaimed as the best short film in Tamil by prominent cinematographers, this ten minute movie is bound to move anyone.


Also included in the DVD is another short film by the same director, “Can I have a dream?”. This is a subtle yet strong portrayal of the yearnings of a war affected little girl.


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